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"Just want to say thanks for the Flashvape, which is making my meds cleaner now. I love your product, and will tell all my friends about it!"

wa USA   

Best customer service ever, had a problem with my fv and it was quickly resolved thanks guys you are the best!


"This thing on FVPA is my daily driver... and I love the portability on battery power. I want to thank you guys for coming up with this device! "


" the (flashvape) design is perfect for my daily use, I can see real health benefits to using this vape."


"As I've said before, I love this thing. I never expected it to be anything like it is. It's health benefits are obvious after the first use. As the toxins are filtered and removed as the vapor travels through several screens and chambers. I love it, and everyone I know loves it too. I wish they would love their own."

CA, USA   

The FVPA works great. The voltage adjustment allows the user to set-up a preferred temperature. I found setting 3 I had a lot of flavour without much vapour. I like to get the vapour running so I run around 8-9 and pulse it with 3second intervals. Large clouds!

" customer service experience in all my years. thank you!"

CO, USA   

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