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"This thing on FVPA is my daily driver... and I love the portability on battery power. I want to thank you guys for coming up with this device! "


Best customer service ever, had a problem with my fv and it was quickly resolved thanks guys you are the best!


" customer service experience in all my years. thank you!"

CO, USA   

" the (flashvape) design is perfect for my daily use, I can see real health benefits to using this vape."


"As I've said before, I love this thing. I never expected it to be anything like it is. It's health benefits are obvious after the first use. As the toxins are filtered and removed as the vapor travels through several screens and chambers. I love it, and everyone I know loves it too. I wish they would love their own."

CA, USA   

"Just want to say thanks for the Flashvape, which is making my meds cleaner now. I love your product, and will tell all my friends about it!"

wa USA   

IMHO there is no better rosin press out there for the point. Shipped the day after I ordered from Canada and arrived in perfect condition.
The press came with 5" x 7" (12.7cm x 17.78 cm) plates that each had three holes in the back, two for the heaters and one for the temp probe. The temp controllers are mounted in a small box that magnetically mounts right to the side of the frame. The plates heat to 200F (98.33C) in around 12-13min pulling ~900w (tested w/Kill A Watt P3) at the wall.
The frame welding is good and definitely looks like it could handle more than 20 tons pressure and frame has two handles on top. The whole thing sits on 4 big fat rubber feet so I can't imagine it will scratch your kitchen table.
Bought a Pittsburgh 20T air jack, mounted the lower plate with the four holding screws and got to squishing! No creaking, popping, or sounds from the frame at all.
I'm super happy with the press and wouldn't hesitate it to buy again. Now, I'm eyeballing the flow directional units...


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