How to use the FV Ti Dabber Stick / Hotplate Set for Oil Concentrates in the Flashvape

PLEASE NOTE:   FV STAGE-2 3.7v battery power or the FVPA Plugin adapter is required for vaporizing oil concentrates !

The Flashvape TI dabber hotplate set is made with 100% pure titanium, for the ultimate performance when using oil concentrates in your FV. Each set comes with a TI Dabber stick, a TI hotplate, and 2 bonus extra tabbed top screens.

using the FV ti dabber stick

“The FV Ti Dabber stick turns the FV into an effective to for vaporizing oil concentrates!”

How to Use the FV Ti Dabber Stick

The FV TI Dabber Stick is specifically designed with an angled tip, to ensure proper contact area with the heating surface when pressure is applied to effectively vaporize the oil, without risking damage to the stainless steel mesh screens. Please do not use any sharp objects as dabbers such as sharp titanium nails, as you risk denting or piercing the screen.

Dabber angled tipDabber on mesh screen

“FV Ti Dabber custom angled tip is safe to use on mesh screen”

  1. To use oil concentrates in the FV using battery power (S2-3.7v battery power is required), place a tabbed screen directly on top of the heating element screen in the FV ceramic bowl. Those who are using the Stage-2 setup, please remove the ceramic S2 spacer from your FV, and replace the tabbed top screen back only.
  2.  Use a fully charged Stage-2 3.7v power cell in your FV when using oil concentrates, to maximize heat production
  3.  Remove the glass lens and the filter screen from the swivel cap so you can access the heating surface directly with the dabber, through the open top of the swivel cap.FV-swivel-cap-for-oil-concentrate
  4. To load the dabber stick, hold it in an upright position, and lower the very tip of the dabber stick into your oil concentrate, so that a tiny amount of concentrate remains on the tip of the dabber stick from the contact.
  5. Pre-heat the FV for 5 seconds, then gently dab the loaded dabber stick onto the hot heating surface while continue pressing down on the power button, for a maximum of another 5 seconds. While dabbing, you can lightly press the tip of the of the dabber stick down onto the center of the hot tabbed screen, as the pressure ensures better contact between the top screen and the heating element screen for optimal vaporization of the oil concentrate. As soon as you dab the oil onto the hot surface of the area of the heat screen, the oil will instantly vaporize.
  6. As you dab, draw out the vapor that is produced through the glass draw tube.
  7. Reload the dabber stick and repeat.

FV Ti Hotplate

The FV TI Hotplate is a designed to be placed directly on top of the heating element screen, for use as the perfect dabbing surface in the FV. This handy hotplate is designed for use with the FV PA system (coming soon), since it is difficult for battery power to maintain the kind of heat required for the hotplate to work to maximum efficiency. The FV TI Hotplate forms a nice part of the FV oil concentrates kit, as it will allow a whole new level of on-demand performance in vaping oil concentrates. The FV oil hotplate is easy to clean and maintain, while providing the ultimate heating surface to vaporize your oil concentrates.

FV hotplate installed

“FV Ti hotplate installed in the bowl”

To purchase the FV Ti Dabber Stick and Hotplate set, use this link here: