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FVR is rosintech at it’s finest…

FV Rosintech is pro grade solventless extraction equipment that is designed and made in Canada. 20Ton ROLLIE press can process 1 lb flower per hour, using paperless driptech. Visit us at https://fvrosintech.com.

Join the FV Rosintech community and become a FV Rosintech extraction equipment affiliate dealer, enjoy 420 lifestyle, rep a quality product and build a great income stream!fv_people_icons1

Benefit from the legalization movement, start a real business promoting safe rosintech extraction to your local community and reap long term benefits, become a FV Rosintech affiliate dealer!

We’ll help you with local advertising so you can hit the ground running. Already in the industry? even better! reach out and lets talk!

Interested? contact us if you are ready getting involved. Limited numbers of dealership opportunities are available in each region, so use the below link to sign up asap!


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