How to use the FlashVAPE Gongvape

The Flashvape Gongvape consists of 2 main components:

  • The Flashvape Gongvape vaporizer
  • The Flashvape Adjstable Power Adapter (FVPA)

How to Use:

Connect and power up

  • Connect the Gongvape to the FVPA by attaching the Gongvape’s power wire into the receptacle on the front panel of the FVPA, and secure by turning the lock mechanism clockwise until hand tight
  • Connect the FVPA power cord into the power outlet
  • Press the main power button on the front panel of the FVPA, the white power indicator light ring will light up confirming main power is on
  • Open the swivel cap Load the bowl with fine grind (recommend ½ – ¾ bowl for best results)
  • Close the swivel cap and ensure it is properly securely. The swivel cap should be able to rotate freely in the securely closed position
  • Connect to any glass rig with standard 18mm input connector, using the included “shorty” connector for female connections. The Gongvape can connect directly to 18mm male connectors, without using any additional adapters
  • Press the stainless steel power on button, the green power indicator will light up while the vaporizer is on and heating.
  • While pressing the power-on button (green power indicator on), slowly draw. You should see vapor produced and streaming out into the glassware within 3-5 seconds.
  • Release the power button when the vapor fills the vessel, and finish the inhale drawing out the vapor already in the glass rig.
  • Repeat above, remove and shake the vape occasionally to redistribute the herbs in the heating chamber for even vaporization.
  • You can fully control the vaping temperature to avoid reaching combustion point by adjusting the power output, via the rotary dial on the front of the FVPA.  Start out on about 7 and adjust as desired.