How to use the Flashvape

” …if you can count to 5, you know how to use the FlashVAPE™ ! “

Size: 7″ / 18cm

Weight: 12oz / 320g

This awesome vape is built for reliability and ease of use, and there are many ways to use of this vape to match your personal preference. The simplest way to flashvape is:

  1. insert the battery, and turn on the main power switch,
  2. fill the bowl half full,
  3. press the power button for 1-2-3-4-5 seconds,
  4. let go, and take your puff!

There is no waiting period, no warm-up required, no hassles, its that simple!  Then, when you are ready to take your next puff, simply give the FlashVAPE a shake to redistribute the materials evenly in the bowl, and press the power button again to repeat the 5 second process!

The FlashVAPE™ is built for vaping efficiency, it can be used with ORGANICS, SOLIDS CONCENTRATES and even LIQUID CONCENTRATES!

The magic temperature for vaporization to occur is at between 190°C and 230°C (250°C for solids), and this magic happens inside the FlashVAPE™ after only 2-3 seconds of the power cycle. So when you press the power-on button on the FlashVAPE™, you control and fine tune your prefered vaporizing temperature by controlling the amount of power-on time, and the speed of your draw which pulls cold air through the ceramic heating chamber (the slower you draw, the higher the temperature)!


-Only fill the bowl to maximum of half full for best efficiently, as your materials need room inside the vape chamber to move around when you shake it between each puff.

-Each half filled bowl should last approximately 10-15 puffs at 5 seconds of vape time each puff, before most of the active ingredients are vaporized.

-A full charged battery will last a good 2-3 bowls before requiring a recharge. However, it is recommended that batteries be charged after each bowl vaped.

-DO NOT press and hold the power button for more than 5 seconds without starting to draw, as if left unchecked, temperatures inside the vape chamber can get to well above 300°C, which can result in combustion of your material inside the bowl.

-DO NOT allow the batteries to overheat. While using the unit, if any part of the unit becomes too hot touch comfortably, stop and allow the unit to cool thoroughly before re-use.

-DO NOT use any other battery in the FlashVAPE, other than the cells that came with your unit. Your FlashVAPE batteries are high quality specialty 18650 Lithium Ion (Li-Fe-Po4) batteries which are safer than traditional 18650 batteries, and runs on a lower voltage.

-ONLY use the matching FlashVAPE smart charger to charge your FlashVAPE batteries.

-DO NOT disassemble the unit in any way other than during the course of ordinary use!

-FOR FULL INSTRUCTIONS, please refer to the instruction manual that comes with your unit.

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