How to Replace FV Turbo Heating Element Screen

1) Unscrew the top ceramic bowl retainer by turning it counter clockwise, and remove the top ceramic bowl retainer

2) Lift off the top ceramic bowl portion, leaving the 2 stainless steel guide pins in place on the ceramic base plate. Remove the old Turbo heating element, exposing the Turbo flat conductor rails. You may wish to clean the conductor rails with 99% ISO alcohol, remove any debris that may have build up on the top of the rails.


3) Drop in the new Turbo heating element screen, seating the 2 cut out half moon pin slots on 2 sides of the Turbo heating element screen between the 2 stainless steel pins, for proper positioning.

4) Re-attach the top ceramic bowl onto the guide pins, line up the vent holes on the sides (you can insert a 2 mm diameter metal wire through the vent holes to hold it in place while you attach the top part if vent hole alignment is an issue)

FV heating element 5

5) Screw the retainer back tightly by turning clockwise… the downward  pressure exerted on the ceramic bowl will form a tight, pressurized connection between the Turbo heating element screen and the Turbo flat conductor rails underneath. Now you’ve got a new heating element screen in your FVT!

FV heating element 6