How to Replace Classsic FV Heating Element Screen

1) unscrew the top ceramic bowl retainer and remove the top ceramic bowl (notice the 2 stainless steel guide pins in place to secure the top portion of the ceramic bowl to the bottom ceramic base). use a precision screw driver, lift up the 2 copper connecting rods and remove the old heating element screen.

FV heating element 1

2) slide the new heating element screen in place, with the 2 preformed channels on the heating element screen lined up with the 2 slots on the ceramic base.

FV heating element 2

3) press the 2 copper connecting rods back down into the slots to secure the heating element screen in place.

FV heating element 3

4) re-attach the top ceramic bowl onto the guide pins, line up the vent holes on the sides (you can insert a thin metal wire through the vent holes to hold it in place while you attach the top part)

FV heating element 5

5) …and screw the retainer back tightly… and voila! you’ve got a new heating element screen in your FV!

FV heating element 6