Flashvape GonGvape™

The Flashvape GonGvape™ is designed for instant, on-demand vaporization, using your favourite glass rig (not included). This miniaturized Flashvape desktop device is fully power adjustable. Just like the portable Flashvape Turbo, it features Flashvape’s unique and proprietary all ceramic heater core construction with replaceable surgical grade stainless steel heating element screen and completely unrestricted, clean air path. You can see the vapor stream out from Flashvape GonGvape™ for instant gratification!


The large ceramic bowl on the Flashvape is perfect for huge loads of ½ gram or more per bowl, which you can safely leave in the vape for use anytime, since the load is not continuously heated while not being used or inhaled. You can load it once, and use over several sessions. It also works great with crumbled solid concentrates, you can sprinkle kief directly on the screen for huge tasty clouds! That’s what makes Flashvape very unique, and with the GonGvape, this experience is further enhanced with the cooling benefits of water filtration. As so many glass users already know, it’s just soooo much smoother!

*available in black and silver

The GonGape connects to any standard 18mm glassware. It comes with the 18mm “shorty” m/m adapter. The GonGvape also works great as a stand-alone desktop vaporizer (stand alone mod. accessories are included such as glass lens, glass draw tubes etc). Enjoy all the benefits of Flashvape’s on-demand vaporization technology, and fully adjustable constant power / fully controllable vaping temperature, with a smaller, easy to handle form factor!

As with all Flashvape products, the Flashvape Gongvape is hand built in Canada to the highest standards, with solid quality and smooth action. Most of all, it really delivers on-demand vaporization that makes huge, water-cool clouds!

Get the Flashvape GonGvape™ set today for only $249 USD with FREE SHIPPING in Canada and the USA!


*Glass water pipe shown is not included. The GonGvape works with ANY standard 18mm input glass water pipe or bong.