Flashvape Turbo

FV-Turbo-introduction_2FlashVAPE™ Turbo is a totally different dab vape

Also works well as a convection herb vape 

Works on demand, no warm up required

Replaceable 18650 battery (2 included) 

The Flashvape Turbo FVT is everything you expect from a Flashvape, and then some! The FVT looks and feels exactly the same as the classic FV. The secret is in the revolutionary turbo drop in heating element setup. We’ve installed solid copper, pressurized conductor rails inside the ceramic heater core, and paired it with the Turbo drop in heating element screen. The pressurized connection on the heating element screen is so efficient that it gives FV Turbo red-hot on demand performance with 100% convection vaping with the S2 convection ceramic spacer already pre-installed. The FV Turbo works even better with Stage-2 3.7v power cells for blazing fast instant on time, and much longer sessions per cell for a whole new level of on-demand vaping

FlashVAPE™ Turbo is easy to maintain, and you will never have to replace any coils because it’s heating element is a easy to replace stainless steel mesh, onto which you can directly dab your concentrate for instant vaporization!

So how easy is it to change the Turbo heating element you ask? Honestly, it’s as easy as 1 and 2. This allows the user to change the heating element as often as they like, super easy!

FV-Turbo-screen-change Reference:  http://flashvape.com/how-to-replace-fvt-heating-element-screen/

The FlashVAPE™ Turbo is compatible with the entire line of Flashvape accessories such as the Stage-2 3.7v power cell, FVPA, WPA, titanium hotplate/dabber, filter/tabbed screens  and more!

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