FVPA Adjustable Plug-in Power Adapter

This ON-DEMAND desktop vaporization system is fully adjustable



*FV Vaporizer and FV Plugin-Adapter sold separately

This is the FlashVAPE FVPA system. The FVPA takes the FV from a portable vaporizer, to a hybrid vaporization system for the home or on the go, all with one awesome simple to use device. Our unique “on-demand” vaporization philosophy means you can vaporize your choice of materials anytime, anywhere with no waiting, and no wastage. With the addition of the FVPA to the FV, there is no more battery required so you can get reliable, adjustable power to vape on and on and on…..

First, let’s take a quick look and identify the different parts of the FVPA system:

FVPA parts id

The FVPA power supply is an integrated unit housed entirely in anodized aluminum for fast heat dissipation and continuous low temperature operation. It features built in “auto circuit protection” against overload and short circuit.

The system on/off switch is a chromed metal switch with a built in white LED indicator ring that dims and brightens with power adjustment levels.

The rotary power adjustment dial (machined from solid aluminum) found front and center on the control panel provides simple, linear adjustment of the FV’s vaping temperature, by varying the supply of power to the FV. The range (1-10) of adjustment is compatible with regular FV S1 setups, and FV Stage-2 setups (with the S2 ceramic spacer installed for 100% convection vaping). The FVPA on MAX (10) is also the perfect match for the FV TI hotplate, which is a must for dabbing liquid concentrates.

FVPA Temp Chart


From the high quality locking power cord connector receptacle, to the custom made and super flexible 100% silicon power cord itself, everything screams quality in the FVPA build. Even the dummy pass-through battery (not shown) has a solid copper core for the ultimate conductivity.

The input voltage of the FVPA is internally adjustable via switch, 100-120V~ or 200-240V~, so you can safely use the device anywhere in the world should you need to.

The FVPA comes with tri-pod base attachment in 3 different colors to match your FV: Black, Gun Metal, and Silver. We also have limited quantities of old style (thinner) thread pattern base attachments to support the earliest of FV models, in black and in silver. However, it should be noted that the thinner thread pattern FVPA base attachments are not of the new tri-pod design as shown, but is rather of the same design as the portable FV’s main on/off switch base (If you should require a thinner thread pattern base attachment, please make a note of it with your order and it shall be so!).

the FVPA to be a superb addition to the FV lineup. The FVPA makes the FV a truly transformational vaporizer, bridging the gap between home vapes and portables. With the addition of the FVPA to the FV vaporizer, what you have is an effective, professional grade hybrid vaporization system that delivers “on-demand” vapor at home, or on the go!