How to Replace FV Filter Screen Using the 3PC TOOLSET

The FV 3pc filter screen replacement toolset is precision machined from solid aluminum alloy, and hard anodized to provide years of reliable use. It is very easy to replace the filter screen in the FV’s swivel cap with this simple toolset.

 FV tools





 1) Remove the old filter screen by removing the glass lens from the swivel cap, and pressing downwards on the edge of the filter screen along the inside edge of the vape chamber to remove the old filter screen and o-ring.

2) Place the tool #1 (largest diameter piece) of the 3 pc toolset inside the swivel cap, so you see the empty channel where the screen’s raised edge sits inside of.

ready for filter screen

3) Lower the new filter screen down into the channeled slot, the raised edge going down into the channeled slot. The cylindrical tool #3 can be used to gently press down on the filter screen to ensure that it is flatly seated in place.

screen in place

4) With the new filter screen correctly positioned in the channeled slot, remove tool #1 from the swivel cap to prepare for placement of the o-ring.

5) Place the new o-ring on the edge of one end of the cylindrical tool #3, and place the tool upright, the end with the rubber o-ring attached on the bottom. Now slide tool #1 and tool #2 over the cylindrical tool #3, so that the o-ring around the edge of tool #3 stops the other two tools from sliding off tool #3.


6) With the 3 pc tool set assembled and loaded with the new rubber o-ring on the bottom, gently place the assembly into the swivel cap, and when it hits the bottom surface where the filter screen is positioned, press down on the sides of tool #2 so that the edge of the tool slides the o-ring off of the cylindrical tool #3 and into the channeled slot, securing the filter screen firmly in place.

FV tools 2

7) Now you can remove the toolset from the swivel cap, and your new filter screen should be perfectly installed!

filter screen installed